• It is easier to be ethical when you have money
  • Cookies taste better with milk
  • Good chocolate is expensive
  • Google mines data, why?
  • Anything given enough time turns sour
  • Black should be the colour of revolution
  • There are times when my brains hurt
  • Sleep is not natural or necessary
  • Someone somewhere is playing dice with your life
  • What is the point of a standard?
  • The female form is very obscure
  • Things only get worse with time
  • Can you burn a colour?
  • The idea that this is the best possible of all worlds is scary
  • The Sea and Africa is to where we should return
  • Hell is probably more fun than heaven
  • If nothing matters, why I am I here?
  • What kind of cruel joke is the platypus?
  • The mind is overrated
  • Lessons are lessons because prescriptions are useless
  • Everyone lands up somewhere, so why I am I so scared?
  • Degrees unfortunately do matter
  • If I studied I wouldn't be me
  • A jester's hat is an aesthetic object too
  • Being crazy is not always a compliment
  • Service to mankind is a waste of time
  • If money grew on treers, we'd trade with leaves
  • The best people have the worst lives
  • Life is a choice between one mediocrity and another
  • Silence is golden, but poor
  • Kiwi fruit is expensive
  • Coffee mugs are warm, even with cold coffee
  • Evil is not relative to anything
  • Taking responsibility is not as easy as it sounds
  • Underwear should never be pink
  • Loans are for rich people
  • Communities are enriching
  • Organisation can make a difference to your life
  • White is empty
  • Ends are beginnings at better times

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