• It is easier to be ethical when you have money
  • Cookies taste better with milk
  • Good chocolate is expensive
  • Google mines data, why?
  • Anything given enough time turns sour
  • Black should be the colour of revolution
  • There are times when my brains hurt
  • Sleep is not natural or necessary
  • Someone somewhere is playing dice with your life
  • What is the point of a standard?
  • The female form is very obscure
  • Things only get worse with time
  • Can you burn a colour?
  • The idea that this is the best possible of all worlds is scary
  • The Sea and Africa is to where we should return
  • Hell is probably more fun than heaven
  • If nothing matters, why I am I here?
  • What kind of cruel joke is the platypus?
  • The mind is overrated
  • Lessons are lessons because prescriptions are useless
  • Everyone lands up somewhere, so why I am I so scared?
  • Degrees unfortunately do matter
  • If I studied I wouldn't be me
  • A jester's hat is an aesthetic object too
  • Being crazy is not always a compliment
  • Service to mankind is a waste of time
  • If money grew on treers, we'd trade with leaves
  • The best people have the worst lives
  • Life is a choice between one mediocrity and another
  • Silence is golden, but poor
  • Kiwi fruit is expensive
  • Coffee mugs are warm, even with cold coffee
  • Evil is not relative to anything
  • Taking responsibility is not as easy as it sounds
  • Underwear should never be pink
  • Loans are for rich people
  • Communities are enriching
  • Organisation can make a difference to your life
  • White is empty
  • Ends are beginnings at better times

4 thoughts on “Ruminations…

  1. Anything given enough time turns sour” and “Things only get worse with time
    True to some extent. I heard a saying some time back: “Time is a great healer, but a poor beautician” 🙂

    ps: I just saw a mis-spelling on your legal page – “All images are the prioperty of .. “


  2. Hi Qwerty,

    My blog and my writing is very much my own (unless quoted otherwise)…. I suggest you google for these lines if you have any such doubt. Incidentally I haven't made any such claim about the pictures on my Flickr page either…. most pictures are open source, except a couple in Lahore which were taken by friends during the LUMUN 2005 conference… Kindly open your eyes and take a look at the 'Legal' page, I created for people like you. I don't know what your problem is, however, I suggest that you think and look before you accuse people randomly!



  3. Are these all yours? If not, you should specify where you copied them from, and give credit. Ditto for your page on flickr, which is full of other people’s pictures that you claim to be yours. Why are you doing this?


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