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It was my birthday sometime ago, Paresh tagged me and I have been awful enough to have not picked up the tag in close to a month now. Apologies. So here goes.

1. Most Desired Celebrity:

Comment: I’m not generally celebrity smitten, but oh well. If there ever was a hot man it is Keanu Reeves. 😀

2. Want To Do This Someday:

Comment: Sail on the Danube. Peace, Silence, Tranquility, Water… yup, this is what life must be about.

3. Want to Visit This Place:

Comment: Machu-Picchu, Peru. Gorge, ruins, history, long hikes and secrets. I’ll give anything to go here, really.

4. Random Favourite:

Comment: Curious and beautiful- Jal Tarang. One my favourite musical instruments.

5. A Picture of the blog I got tagged from:

I got tagged by Paresh. Paresh has a lovely blog, in fact he has several blogs. Happy reading!

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