The Personal Space Personality

“It’s not that you necessarily want to be Austin Powers, but we’re guessing you wouldn’t mind raiding his groovy pad for a couple key items. For you, old-school-cool rules. As a result, you’re probably on constant lookout for hipster accents to show off your retro style! While your friends may give you a hard time about your swingin’ image, they’re probably just jealous of that funky papasan chair or pop-art stained glass picture frame. It’s not easy to be so tragically hip…”

That is apparently the impression my room gives people; bedrooms are a real give-away sometimes aren’t they? Its easy to tell isn’t it…. lots of books implies a reading habit, organised closets betray a control freak and so on. I wonder about the finer distinctions though. What would you guess about the difference between two people who arranged their books on the basis of size and year of publication? DVD’s instead of VCDs, purple instead of mauve? Its not quite as black and white as the picture, is it?


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