Thought(s) Of the Day

  1. I think oyesters and mushrooms lead interesting lives
  2. Red rashes are not beautiful
  3. Blogging is no longer fun
  4. To smile is the toughest thing on Earth
  5. Cornflakes, milk and strawberries are yum
  6. There’s nothing ‘English’ about an English breakfast
  7. What is wrong with being ordinary?
  8. My brain can remember somethings better than a computer and forget somethings like they never happened
  9. I wish I could fly
  10. Someday I want to be able to sing and earn royalty on my songs

3 thoughts on “Thought(s) Of the Day

  1. #3. Right. Reading blogs for the time being is still ok.
    #7. It’s actually tough being ordinary.
    #10. Havne’t heard you yet, but you sure can make money writing:).


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