Button up!

Radical Feminist, Jo Freeman‘s writing is always like a breath of fresh air, this piece though is fantastic in a different way. She writes about buttons, that’s right, buttons. Political buttons. Like she says,

One of the great appeals of button collecting — aesthetics and historical significance aside — is the opportunity it gives to pursue impulses one normally has to repress. It can do this for one simple reason: buttons are, after all, intrinsically worthless. They are made to be given away in order to be worn by the greatest number of people. Thus, if you talk someone into a good (for you) trade, or lift a few buttons from the opposition campaign headquarters under false pretenses, you’re not depriving anyone of something essential for their existence. Just as contact sports permit you to physically batter people you barely know, button collecting permits you to psychologically outwit your colleagues-with the assurance that it’s all in good fun.”

Happy Reading! And oh! After you’ve read don’t forget to look at the button collection here. I particularly like the button that says : “This is what a radical feminist looks like!” 😀

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