Mid-Week Memoir

A week is a convenient span of time, both sufficiently long enough to deliberate, learn, look-back and forget as I most often choose to do and short enough for you to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The latter is of enormous significance especially if you’ve suffered the odd combination of claustrophobia and acrophobia as I have; long thin upward winding tunnel = definitely unpleasant!

Anyhow a description of tunnels is not why I am writing this post, actually I’m not quite sure why I began writing this at all. Either way, since I am rambling and since you have decided to read (or maybe not, in which case– thank god for you!) top lessons this week include: Morality and money are a bad and powerful combo, undiluted apple juice and whisky are better than aspirin, under-wire in underclothing is a pain and  cheese cake can become an obsession. 

I am a denizen of the field, forest and the deep.