The Hallmark of a Pathetic Institution

I have spent much of my life moving from one pathetic institution to another. So much so, that I could probably write the 101 ways to stay and survive in a D grade institution. The trouble is that this would take much to0 much time which I’m unwilling to devote to such a frivolous pursuit.

I must however vent my utter dismay. Here is a list to ponder upon: You know your institution is pathetic if,

  • If you have enough assignments to fill up weeks together but no form of resources whatsoever including a reasonable library, informed faculty or the internet.
  • Your professors need endless reminding to help you, either with classwork or with related academic work.
  • The air conditioning in your cyber hole doesn’t function, and you are expected to produce quality research in the sweltering heat.
  • Your classmates are a bunch of dorks. They cannot construct a sentence, are incapable of non-linear thought, have nothing other than chatting on their minds and want you to do their work for them all the time.
  • Your institution does not subscribe to any known online news/journal service and expects you to buy individual membership from international statistical services.
  • Hates you because you appear to be slightly smarter than the average dork and way smarter than the average professor.
  • Encourages cut-copy-paste as long as the source is well concealed.
  • Believes group work can do no harm to a bright mind, especially when co-workers are selfish dorks.
  • You leave feeling utterly gloomy and depressed every single day.
  • You are stuck with a bunch of people who all think of nothing more than the promotion of their own community, where merit is passe and where the academic head considers your future a political playground.
  • Pushes you to such levels of insanity, that you end up blogging about it!

If you think of any more, do comment. It is cheering when you know you’re not alone.

3 thoughts on “The Hallmark of a Pathetic Institution

  1. Once I stood 1st in a quiz competition and was to go to another city to represent my school for the second round, my name was not declared till the last moment.
    The first and the second runner ups were told to start packing their bags and I was called outside my class to be told that I had indeed got the highest marks BUT obviously won’t be going alone so…
    And why not?
    Oh ‘coz you are the ‘only GIRL’ who qualified!

    My first education about the brain-body relation!In an institution.


  2. I study in an American University and I found myself nodding to certain points. Maybe because it’s just another unnamed university in the suburbs. I try to be a part of Honors courses and all to be fair to myself.
    I must say that I cannot complain about the journals… though compared to the journals that “good” colleges around here have…

    Now that I think of it… I really don’t have a lot to complain about.


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