The Brainum

I’m happily slacking off from a huge amount of work to be done. One of the best ways to do this is to spend inordinately large amounts of time taking tests at Tickle. I’ve been a Tickle fan from its E-mode days. One part of the appeal of Tickle is how much it makes you feel good. If you feel like it, though, take one of their tougher quizzes. I suggest the Brain test, the Brainteaser test, the Super IQ test and the Classic IQ test.

Other interesting tests, include the the Multiple Intelligences test, the Career Personality test, the Emotional IQ test, the confidence test, the Enneagram test, the Original Ink-Blot test, the ESP test, The 5-Factor IPIP Personality test, the Freud Test, the Gender Identity test, the Handwriting Analysis test, the Palm Reading test, the JASPER test, the Power Quotient, What is your best quality?, How sinful are you?, the Sex IQ test and the Values test.

You’ll find the entire list of tests on tickle here.

And yes, I do waste a lot of time. Hmmmmph!