Ten unpleasant circumstances

  1. An uncomfortable silence and formality between a close friend and you because you were daft and rude without reason
  2. Schedules that cram a zillion things together to the pint when you can no longer tell day from night
  3. Spending money on correcting lousy travel plans
  4. Knowing that the concern is slowly ebbing away and watching it happen helplessly
  5. Being so under-slept that you are on a consistent low
  6. Trying to maintain good cheer till your head starts to reel
  7. Knowing that if you really pushed yourself, you would manage but resenting it all the way
  8. Editing, correcting, lurking, complaining and feeling lonely
  9. Looking at your ATM slips and realizing that despite your best efforts you have grossly overspent
  10. Wondering why and where and how.

4 thoughts on “Ten unpleasant circumstances

  1. @Khushwant: Thanks! I like your blog as well!
    @DZ: We all live tough lives, eh?! I love the way your page is designed. 😀 Thanks a tonne for the wishes!


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