Would have been…

  • On a private cruise, all alone with stars for company
  • Curled up on a bed with a warm mug of drinking chocolate
  • Getting ready to announce the next miracle to the world
  • Singing in the rain, barefoot in a village after months of scorching sunshine
  • In a limo sipping a glass of blood red wine
  • Part of a high speed car chase minus the guns
  • Happily beautiful and brainless
  • A Martian scheming on how to take-over planet Earth or demolish it for the next cyber-pass


One thought on “Would have been…

  1. well, it wasn’t all that fun, not really!

    b. chocolate fell on my silk sheets, and I lost my would-be wife.
    c. I announced it and, naturally enought, I suffered crucifixion. No Easter miracle yet: I heard they’re stil paryiing with the bloody 30 denarii.
    d. well, I sang. I had not the slightest idea of how many glass pieces that @@@@@@ village street could conceal, only to let them be planted in my feet.
    e. red wine fell on limo’s alcantara(tm) seat covers. My Visa Titanium wasn’t big enough to cover the damages.
    f. I can’t understand what you wrote here, because of
    g. my being brainless (do ya think it’s SO satisfying?)
    h. well, we took over Earth some years ago. Signed: the G.W.BUSHians.

    And, as far as a. is concerned, well, all seemed quite ok, right? It was a co-o-o-l night, right? I was all alone under the stars, ok? Guess what? One of these bloo-o-dy stars was the death star, holy hell! (signed: Alderaan’s mariner, (c) Star Wars IV).
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