Slumber Slain

Ok, so I haven’t written in ages. This time around I don’t even have a good excuse. Or maybe I do, but oh well. I’d rather sound like a slacker. Helps keep the expectations down, and life’s been teaching me a fair bit ’bout that lately. Gee tagged me, and so here goes- eight random facts about me.

  1. I love cinema: Adore it, live it. There is something utterly powerful about what film can achieve. If I didn’t hate ‘development’ jargon so, I’d say the only thing capable of changing paradigms is great cinema. And woohooooo I’m getting to make a film. 😀 Life is good.
  2. I know precious little: Yupsie daisy. I’m surrounded by people who think I’m well read, articulate and really original in terms of ideas. They couldn’t be more wrong. I’m as uninspired as they come, feed off my plate, live within my framework and am really happy just getting-by most times.
  3. I believe in the Matrix and in magic: I do. I know spells work and I know there is something incredibly fabricated about the world we live in. For that matter, I also believe that dinosaurs exist in a lost islet somewhere wrapped in an envelope of slow-time. And no its not just Harry Potter, Jurassic Park or Reeves. Its about a manner of thinking. The metaphysical, that we all like to deny.
  4. I love my gadgets: No in fact I’m obsessed. I’d feel desperately lonely without my phone despite not having anyone to call. I miss my iPod. My laptop is so customized only I know how to use it. I don’t like being called a techno-freak but people not taking computer security seriously bothers me. Just as not being able to tell flac from aac really upsets me.
  5. Thunderstorms: Thunderstorms in my head still make me want to crawl under the bed. I don’t know what to make of that. Maybe I need a therapist. Tsk Tsk…
  6. Cartoons: Peanuts, Calvin and Dilbert are the greatest political philosophers of all time. Period. Else I bite off your head.
  7. Courage: I believe I will someday find a bottle full I can swallow. Maybe it will be green and golden. Ho hum.
  8. I love cigarettes: Ok,I know. I do. I like adding clouds to my mind. Can’t help.

And oh, take a look at Pikey’s post and pick up the tag if you feel like. Its hard enough to blog without tagging…Sob.

One thought on “Slumber Slain

  1. Delightfully random! Awesomely arbitrary!
    Full justice to the tag, and as I say in such moments of delight – Go Varna!


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