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Most friends consider me anti-social thanks to my habit of crawling under a blanket with a book. Most times I consider this a compliment. I have over fifteen assignments (varying in degrees of difficulty) due before the first week of next month, and therefore it is the perfect time to turn to completely unrelated literature to refresh my mind.

Anyhow, the point is a couple of hours ago I started randomly browsing and ended up here. is an awful website and an excellent source for free books at the same time. Its awful because of the horrible ads all over the pages, I recommend looking at it only through Firefox with AdBlocker on. Despite all the ads, I found close to forty books (Actually I found more, I downloaded forty) in PDF across a mind-boggling array of subjects. The beauty of it, of course is that its all free.

Some of these books I’ve wanted to buy desperately, and some I could never decide about at bookshops. I found books like the Evolution of Civilizations, The Economic Origins of Evolutions, almost all of Chomsky, The Oxford Classics series on Natural Theory, Books on SAS, Differential Evolution, The For Dummies Series, the Routledge Philosophy Series, The Very Short Introduction to…. Series (The Very Short Introduction to Economics, by Partha Dasgupta is a beautiful book), The Guide to Mental Health, Problems in Real and Complex Analysis, The Chemical History of a Candle and a whole host of others. If you’re looking for a great E-book resource this is it. Some of the books are in the .djvu format. You’ll need to go here to download the free viewer.

Of course there are other places to go as well, the Gutenberg Project was my last favourite resource and still remains the only place where I found the complete and download-able version of the Devil’s Dictionary. The text file format of books bugs me though, and I haven’t found much aside of classical texts. Take a look at this blog post for an updated list of where to find free books on the web.

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  1. Ok here is a tip i would like to share, im not sure, if its right or wrong, please moderate this comment accordingly, for any applications go to phazeddl_dot_com, there search for a right software name that you are looking for, and most of the download files are hosted on free file hosting of most notable and, how is this related to ebooks? yes, now, this is how search, go to amazon, and search the right book, that you looking for, copy the text name as it is into your google search box, and add keywords like or or ebooks, all words/combination……though i really believe that all should pay for things, and not pirate it, but for those who cant afford yet, but have a burning desire to learn explore, go ahead do it!…any enquires, feel free to buzz me.


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