A Personal Assistant

I don’t know how most people feel about Personal Information Managers- I however find the overwhelming majority of software in that category rather unhelpful. This has nothing to do with poor application design or a lack of features.

Most times though I find file management and the like, such as actually using a task scheduler and so on– occupies a lot of time itself. Enter Sandy, if you live in your inbox most times, the way I do- then Sandy is perhaps the most evolved and useful PA to have. Sandy understands plain English and is dead simple to use.

Take a look at this example from Sandy’s website:

Remember reasonably priced used 2005 Vespa at http://scoot.example.com/for_sale/123 @scooter

    Basically, Sandy will set up an e-mail address for you, you send reminders as when you want to (or remember to) Sandy mails you back before the task is due. ‘@’ Scooter is a tag- you can add ‘@ weekly’ to set a weekly reminder, add ‘at [X] time’ to get Sandy to mail you your reminder for a task due at a specific time.

    If you need a To Do list on your computer I recommend you use Tudmo.