My e-mail’s Gone Bonkers…

Yup. For some reason, Gmail refuses to accept my password and log me in. I doubt someone is trying to vandalize my account, given that no-one on Earth knows my password except me (not even a password manager!) and nothing appears to have been changed on my public profiles. Hopefully it shall set itself right in a couple of days- till then mail me at srvarnaatgmaildotcom. Does anyone know if Adsense, GoogleApps and Gmail migration is playing funny with Google accounts?

One thought on “My e-mail’s Gone Bonkers…

  1. Try to remember if you had encountered a phishing website – like you logged in to your gmail account and it again displayed the login page. The first attempt typically captures and sends the password to the “phisher”.

    gmail, as I remember also gives a secondary email ID to recover lost password.

    2nd, if you have ever used net cafes for checking email, always logout, clear the browser history, cache, forms etc and then leave. Just a precautionary measure I follow after my yahoo was compromised.


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