March Madness

Its almost halfway through March. I’m also stuck halfway through a lot of things including my dissertation, moving house, perhaps cities and such. On the upside there are new things to come, on the downside nothing much seems to be happening to turn the ‘oughts…’ into concrete reality. Life is at an impasse. I watched 10,000 BC a couple of days ago and disliked the movie save the grand spectacle that spear-tooth was. The movie is replete with racist undertones, what with the less than accidental painting of all the ‘evil’ characters as either Arabic or Egyptian and the hero being white. I shall now go back to struggling with the differences between functional and dysfunctional resumes. May the coming blogging hiatus be short!

PS: My e-mail address varnadotsratgmaildotcom is back after a series of mail requests to Google. Turns out someone got in and amazingly left e-mails with a request for a 500$ deposit if my e-mails were “precious” to me. OMG!