The American Panoply

On balance I like what I’ve seen so far. I’m awed by the enormous amount space, the lack of people and the profusion of trees. I like the sidewalks too and the fact that average car drives by the traffic signal. I also find the accuracy of directions, colour-coded metro lines and GPS guided cab services fascinating.

In the last week I’ve decided that Walmart is palatial, Starbucks is overrated but makes for an excellent landmark for just about anything.  I also think the Churchill sleeping system is meant for tall people and contains one too many duvets for the ordinary soul.

I’m now a Tom Palmer fan and am utterly convinced that is one of the world’s most fascinating people and perhaps one of the best teachers of history. I also like the efficiency of the average day in DC, though I think the claim that American society is flat is a rather bogus one- hierarchies are invisible which doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

I also find the obsession with the classification of intellectual traditions slightly odd, my understanding and therefore concern stems from a focus on what works in the policy world not necessarily from what forms an artificially constructed set of coherent belief systems.

With these trivial observations I shall now sign off. More later.