Become a GMail Ninja

Here’s how to get the most out of your GMail account:

  1. If you are forced into using Outlook as I am, get Xobni! Xobni is a fantastic plug-in for outlook that adds the ‘conversation’ thread we all love about GMail to outlook. You also get fantastic e-mail analytics, a list of files exchanged (which I find extraordinarily useful), a really fast search option and it doesn’t take up too many system resources. Oh and I forgot to mention- its free!
  2. Use gAttach – this is probably the best way to integrate the GMail web interface with your browser and operating system. It will link all mail:to links to GMail instead of Outlook/Exchange for good. Wonderful, if you use GMail most times.
  3. Get GSpace to work for you. Make use of the extra gigabytes GMail has to store all kinds of documents.
  4. Use label colours on GMail, they’re great for productivity- especially the bright colours, which will alert you to any mail from the Boss that might arrive.
  5. Enable IMAP on your Gmail account and get instantly updated e-mail all across your e-mail client, the web and even your phone.
  6. If you are on thunderbird, use lightning. Its a great little extension for productivity and dates!
  7. If you haven’t already — turn on the experimental features for GMail. You’ll find them under settings. Some of them are wonderful- like the variations for the ‘starred’ icons and the ‘take a break’ tweak. I especially recommend ‘take a break’, the beauty of which you will appreciate when you’ve been in front of a computer for two hours at a row.
  8. If you use Firefox (and you should) get the Better GMail extension from the lovely folks at Lifehacker. It does a great job of putting GMail Greasemonkey User Scripts together. You can eliminate annoying stuff like spam counts and even get a rather nice skin for GMail.
  9. If GTD is your thing, get the GTD Inbox extension for Firefox and GMail. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it you’ll wonder how you did without it.
  10. This is not a GMail tip but get your own domain (its very cheap and you can sign up for it at Google CheckOut) and set it up with Google Apps. There’s nothing quite as nice as having GMail and establishing property rights at the same time! 😉