Cooking with Concoctix

Introducing my friend ‘Concoctix’ who has great culinary talents. Visit her new home on the web right here on Una Voce – just click the page tab titled ‘Feed Me’ on the upper-right corner. Or just click here.

Feed Me is a new read- and-cook service brought to you by by Concoctix and Una Voce. The idea is simple, Concoctix blogs about cooking and you get to learn cooking with her. She’ll post here with a recipe every alternate day. Her posts are fun too, tales of small adventures in the kitchen- which you get to read for free.

The recipes cost a wee little dollar each, and there is some fabulous stuff we promise you. Every ingredient shall be available in America and India too, no recipe will require supreme cooking efforts and if you follow the directions right- the taste will be awesome too.

Posts and Recipes will be tagged ‘Cooking With Concoctix’ just as this on is. You can view older recipes (to order access) or see older posts, by searching within the ‘Cooking With Concoctix’ category on the sidebar.

Click here, to find out more about Concoctix and the Feed Me service.

Help me spread the word about Concoctix and Feed Me!

2 thoughts on “Cooking with Concoctix

  1. 🙂 I do in several ways; I derive utility out of providing posting space to my friend, I also get to generate more blog content and keep Una Voce going which has been a struggle lately thanks to a lack of time – to begin with. I also learn how to cook! 😀


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