Happy Birthday To Me

Its my birthday today. I’m now twenty three years old. A lot wiser, greyer, wider and more sober than last year. I’m also on a different continent, and so the birthday has been a quiet affair thus far. My birthday resolutions for this year – I want to find a job I can keep and invest in real estate.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me

  1. Belated wishes Varna..

    Blame the feed reader overload for not having seen the post on the right exact day.

    I hope you had a nice day and I wish you have a happy n lively year ahead..


  2. Many many more happy returns of the day!

    Let this year bring in all your Wishes (two of them as you listed 🙂 ) true!!!

    Have a great time.

    If you are in US till October, don’t miss the “Fall” Season, especially in North East US.


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