Backing Up Stuff Online

If you like the convenience of an online backup system and have access to a fast internet connection I highly recommend SpiderOak.

Unlike, SpiderOak does not promise endless storage and dump you with a PC upload client that refuses to install despite payment, complaints and a lousy attempt at ‘branded’ media.The pricing plans are also much more reasonable at $10 for 20 GB every month, which is a cartload cheaper than $79 that Humyo offers, especially because the space you buy at SpiderOak is more fungible.

SpiderOak gives you a simple 2GB limit to back up important stuff, which you can then choose to share with a ShareID. The upload client works very well, and will the space constraint will make you back up documents and stuff you really need, not oodles of free music you could find again.

4 thoughts on “Backing Up Stuff Online

  1. Thanks for the info. I had not heard of SpiderOak before. I think several of the other comments are valid too. It is a good idea to have more than one backup if you’re data is important to you. External USB drives are good, but can be lost or damaged, making an online destination worth considering. I’m using a service called JungleDisk, which actually stores the data on servers cheaply.


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