The Condom Song

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the Indian Condom Song on YouTube.

Unlike the comments I find the song more than just funny.

To me – the video illustrates the awesome power of local creativity to spread a vital public health service message.

It is repetitive, which is a good way of reinforcing the message in addition to being amusing and memorable.

For several South Indians its a familiar tune that remains in your head and most importantly it goes a long way towards talking about ‘safe sex’ openly.

One thought on “The Condom Song

  1. Yes! When I saw it the first time, sure I laughed. But I also thought it seemed like a more effective sort of a method than what has been tried – and I was pleasantly surprised with the gay-sex references. Looks like its existence is being finally realized, which is a good (better than what it was?) thing?


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