Breakfast Basics


This is a first recipe and therefore a free one! Happy cooking!



A concoction, like a potpourri, is a mixture of herbs, dried flowers, fragrance and spices kept in a jar, tied in muslin and kept under the pillow,conjured up in your dreams or in your makeshift kitchen.

Depends on how you look at it and when you want to make it.

The four-meals-a-day has idea is now an ancient practice, no longer suited to the 22nd century workday. One must be able to think out of the box, break the 4-meal-a-day regime, just for the pleasure and convenience.This is something I have never been in doubt about.

Some people’s days begin at 4 a.m. , other’s end at 4 a.m. Breakfast is a good idea if the work day begins around 8 a.m. otherwise, it is not.

BREAKFAST: If you have a filling meal at the beginning of the day, it might help to get you down to work right away. All my school and college days though, I have just rushed out with a glass of milk, or a toast dipped in tea. So, who am I to say whether you should or should not have breakfast. If u have a fridge, Breakfast becomes that much easier. Try stocking up on breakfast foods.

Oats, Cornflakes, Milk, Bread, Jam, Cheese or Butter and Orange juice…all the routine stuff.

Making breakfast more interesting:

Cornflakes and milk can be boring. Use milk cold or boiling hot milk, whichever way you like it. In a bowl cut up a banana, add some resin, crumble a cookie, add sugar or honey. Consider adding scoops of grapefruit (butter-fruit), add some nuts–almonds, cashew nuts, pea nuts even–add corn flakes, add milk. This will definitely taste better than plain cornflakes and milk. You can conjure up as you go along. Invent.

Varna’s Tip [My favorite addition to cornflakes has been a pinch of instant coffee powder and fresh strawberries!]

Oats: For one tea cup of oats — boil 1 and a 1/2 cup of water, add a pinch of salt. When the water begins to boil, pour the oats, stir quickly for 2 minutes. Its done. Add milk and sugar to eat.Yes, its that easy. you can add honey. Nuts, resins, chopped bananas if you want.

Puffed or pounded rice: In most Asian countries you get puffed rice or pounded rice (muri or murmura/podi and aval or chira/chura). Puffed rice with milk is a good breakfast too, consider it a rice-variant.

Bread: Comes in a variety of shapes sizes. Flat bread, unleavened bread, Roti and Chapatis these days often come in packets, available in supermarkets. They can also be obtained from the local markets. This – warmed over a brazier, is good to eat dipped in tea or milk. Can be warmed on a hot pan.

A Chapati is not too difficult to make. Get wheat flour. To make half a dozen chapatis you would need about half a kilo of flour. Put the flour in a flat surface. Mix a pinch of salt and a tea spoon of oil with the flour. Make a hole in the middle, pour water slowly from a cup. Keep a tight control over the water. Kneed it at the same time…moving from the center of the flour outwardly, making the dough. Let the dough be of medium softness, not too watery and slimy, not to tough. Batter the dough for five minutes nicely.

Make fist sized balls. Roll it out on a wooden board, or flat surface. If you don’t have a rolling pin, you can use a longish tin. You can also use your hands to roll out the Chapati. It is not rocket science, just a matter of practice. Don’t get intimidated if the first few look like the map of Africa! It only has to be eaten.

In some countries, you get to buy metal presses to press out the Chapati. You can place it on a flat ceramic dish in a micro-oven for a few seconds and it will get cooked. If you have a wire-mesh, you can cook a Chapati on a open gas flame. You can place it on a frying pan without oil and let it cook in a medium flame, cooking both sides well, then take it out and flip it over a open flame a few seconds. It will rise nicely.

If you are not sure of doing this, turn it into a Paratha. Put the Chapati  on the pan, roast it for a few minutes. Add a spoon of  oil (olive oil, groundnut oil or any cooking oil, Ghee or even butter) any cooking medium, let it get a little hot and brown. Its done.

A bread and butter toast can be boring. A slice of toast with marmalade, a pickle, a slice of ham, a scrambled egg and such will taste better. Even left over vegetables will do. It makes all the difference to the toast. Pineapple on toast is good. Caviar is okay, though not everyone likes it. Mashed potato on toast is great.

Finally, remember Oranges are as good as orange juice!