Is it worth it, anymore?

I’ve been asking myself this question several times lately.

I now have an excellent job. I do something that I thought I always wanted to do. I am paid much better than anyone else my age, I also have the luxury of living at home with hot food on the table when I come back from work. And despite these obviously happy circumstances my life seems to be slowly twisting itself around in a spiral.

I decided to chase the good life and I don’t regret it. And yet, maybe the pursuit of the good life is not liked enough by people around me. I can’t seem to able to communicate anymore — conversations are running out, drying up before they begin. I thought I outdid myself in ‘being with’ but it never seems enough. Its like Alice, running and running to stay in one place —  only in addition I see stuff I care about about slipping through my fingers.

I look back and I think- is it worth it and am I worth it? What does one have left to say when they are told that they  got lucky, its all a chance – these successes they have nothing to do with ability.

Perhaps now is when I should call it quits.

2 thoughts on “Is it worth it, anymore?

  1. My aunt brought up an interesting point last week. While I was still joyous of getting the job of my dreams, she said: ‘Just make sure you won’t be depressed later’. As I failed to understand her comment, she explained, in a very American way: Life is pursing. Yeah, life is pursuing. Damn.


  2. People who don’t like your growth should be ignored. Some of those might get over it and see your happiness and come back to you. Those who don’t, were never there for you – they were just with you.

    There is an age where everyone has to setup their career path / life. And when you become successful, that is not well accepted by many.

    Don’t lose hope. You will find support from your near and dear (who really are).


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