HTC love

I have now owned an HTC Touch for the last two weeks.

The HTC touch was a rather agonizing choice in the smart phone category, given that I wanted GPS Navigation and 3G to work on my potential ‘smart’-phone and ended up with a phone that has neither.

In hindsight though I believe this was not such a bad idea. To begin with India will have to wait at least till March for established 3G connectivity and there was no reason why I  should need GPS navigation when I don’t drive.

The HTC Touch has a lot of thoughtful features. I particular like the white balance feature on the camera, the tiny mirror to check your looks before you take a picture of your self, the cube which reminds a fair bit of Opera’s speed-dial feature (yes, I know its the other around!), setting transparency levels for background images and so on.

In fact the only thing I don’t like about this phone is Windows mobile 6- which is a badly done mobile OS- but oh well, can’t really blame HTC for that!