Intrepid Steps…

This dream.

“Fingers reaching out to feel drops of rain that gather to make a pretty pattern on the window. The pattern makes the window pretty; hides the long crack across its pane. The water would be salty if you could taste it and it would sound long and hollow if you could hear it. Two of us running across the beach, falling and laughing with waves. Happy times”

This was all in a different time. Away from the hustle bustle, the money and the lack of it, far away from socializing and entertaining and studying up in order to perform.

3 thoughts on “Intrepid Steps…

  1. Rain.
    Tiny, simple drops of water which fall from the heavens, bring joy and make us ponder. Perhaps the intricacies of life can be solved by asking these messengers from beyond?

    Great blog. Got here the first time, got hooked, and subscribed.


  2. A carefully worked-out blog with deep insights. The philosopher stands at an open gate but may lack the figurative experience to gaze beyond, let alone venture. You are trying to do this very thing


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