What I learnt from last year

Ideally I would never like to think about 2009 again. In all respects it was a terrible year.

Here is what I learnt from 2009 — for whatever it is worth:

1. Getting fired – I learnt that intelligence does not guarantee that you keep a job. To make matters worse, self-respect sometimes guarantees that you won’t keep the job.

2. Leaving half way for higher pay – Places that do want you cannot afford to pay you enough. I thought I had a conscience, but, I still quit without notice for more money.

3. Everything looks glossy on the outside – Fancy reputations hide some terrible troubles within. Don’t judge a book (or institution, person or process) by the cover.

4. Repairing relationships – Think about being hauled over the coals. Now think about being hauled all the way back again. Think about what you are willing to do and for who – otherwise you will keep wondering why you started out with this.

5. Diets – I cannot live without rice, meat, some sugar and juice.

6. Winter – Do not underestimate the power of wollen socks. Even if you have stinky feet.

7. Friends and family – I need a crowd, the loneliness bites – especially in winter.

8. Saving the world – I could have chosen a better career for myself. This one has an awful amount of frustration.

9. Computers – I am not a computer mechanic. I wish I had never boasted about my computer prowess. Also – never offer to teach people how to use new software. NEVER.

10. Weekends and Vacations – Go on one, don’t plan – go. I wish I did.

11. Music – It doesn’t matter what kind. Its all good enough to drive out the voices in your heart and head.

12. Prayer – It is supremely comforting to believe that someone is driving all this sh** to a destination.

13. Children’s books – Go read them again even if you’re seventy. Happyness.

14. Marketing – SHAM and LIES. Repeat.

15. Frameworks – The most important tool to think.

16 . Believing in self – Only you know what you can do, it doesn’t matter how great other people think you are.

Happy new year all – I hope your year was better than mine and I hope 2010 is great for all of you too!

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