Bad Birthday

Same place, different year. Slightly worse circumstances. I’m turning nearly thirty in a couple of days. For all it is worth, I haven’t done much to be proud of in these thirty years. I don’t have a great list of publications, I don’t have a great network I can leverage to find a reasonable job. I’m struggling to fulfill the demanding requirements of a house loan- a house I haven’t ever and never will live in. I am also struggling with a car that I don’t know how to drive. I don’t pay rent and I routinely poach of my family. I am also fat, lethargic, incapable of producing a baby and frankly don’t care enough to do anything well. I might also be entering into a series of legal battles that will consume the rest of my life. This is not what I wanted to have on my birthday.

2 thoughts on “Bad Birthday

  1. hello dear cousin, early birthday wishes for you from Victoria. more on Facebook Messaging from me..



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