The things that make life worthwhile, I miss. I miss. Being at university, being a part of a movement. Debating and disagreeing and still being able to end the day as friends. Disco-lights and loud music, laughter and lots of wine. Having enough to order pizza every now and then. Being light. Being light. Knowing that there is still another lifetime of choices ahead, knowing that choices are not punishing. Being able to breathe. Breathe. Find the courage in the heart to be generous, casual conversation over tea. Not having to compete or excel, being that whose failure too was a success. Finding someone whose should you can rest your head upon, having a purpose that life was worth giving to. Where being cynical was not everyday, but the possibility of winds and stars and good things to come was. Being told to keep trying, having help and knowing that someone cares. Floating in a sea of love, not conflict. Wanting to run free and being able to be free. Be free. Be free.

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