Varna: Noun.

Now thirty something. Still illegal in most contexts. Thrives in sultry climes. Omnifarious. Dwells in hesternal memories. In a glass bubble. Vertical in a horizontal world. Not to be confused with the Bulgarian city, vermin, the Hindi word for ‘or else’, a mysterious double known for being responsible, sane or a rain god. Also known as Dorfus Farkle Chunks. Fascinated by Wombats, Velociraptors, Humans and other queer creatures.

Best described as an anachronism with poindexter type tendencies. Perilously passionate, taciturn at times, effortlessly proceleusmatic, polymath, abderian, abstemious, author manque, rident, procellous, chaotic, random, inebriated, profligate about gadgets, quixotic, obscure, rangy, mad, would-be pilgarlic, short, opinionated and of a strange colour, with a penchant for sesquipedalian excesses.

Additional attributes include curious philosophical afflictions and strange political fetishes. Mostly unapologetic and unforgiving. Largely sleepy, preoccupied and deeply messed up. Strictly individualist, contrarian most times, pro- choice with liberal inclinations.

Suffer from malacia, flashes of misology and a tatterdemalion sense of fashion. Possess a sporadically sanguine mental disposition provoked by minority haters, pig-headed authoritarians, homophobes, imbeciles, know-it-all types, idiotarians, preachers, war mongers, chauvinists, rich show-offs, weepy characters, ‘frandly’ freaks, cows and other despicable species. Anti-war, incurably romantic, given to debating, writing, dancing, singing, theatre and less popular terpsichorean forms of self expression.

Kindness, intelligence, objectivity, music, love, books and laughter provoke occasional frissons of surprise. In a perpetual state of joyous dereliction. Innately sprachgefuhl and perennially in search of the self. Last found in the passing cloud and a grain of sand.

Postscript: For anyone who is looking for professional information on what I do, check out my professional profile on LinkedIn.

DISCLAIMER: None of the opinions/writing or anything else on this blog is a representation of any institution/person I am otherwise associated with.Only I am responsible for the stuff you find here.

This Blog:

‘Una Voce’ means ‘With one’s voice…’ This blog started out in 2002 in the second year of my undergraduate study under a different name. It was then called Ad Absurdum, when I needed to express my anger against a particularly illogical and revolting teacher who ironically taught me a subject called ‘Logic’, hence the name. Like all grudges that too faded, my blog became an identity and a space to discuss stuff I found interesting, share ideas and just write.

Older readers will remember my blog on Blogger, called ‘Ubi Dubium Ibi Libertas’, which during the hey-days of controversy and popularity; made me a ‘mortal human’ in the TTLB Blogosphere Ecosystem (by ranking across Technorati and Icerocket), created rumours that I am male (the photograph should put that to rest) and even got nominated to the Indie Bloggies.

In 2005 I moved my blog out of the older Blogger platform to WordPress and called it Una Voce. ‘Una Voce’ pretty much sums up my blog. I don’t write about a single theme, I write to be read and because I need to express. Feel free to explore my mind…

PS: I haven’t had the time to blog as often as I once did, there are months where I do not blog at all and several more where there as few as two insignificant posts a month. I recommend subscribing to the RSS/E-Mail version of my posts if you really want to keep track of this blog, doing so, will save you time and not let my blogging irregularity test your patience. Thanks for understanding.

Contacting Me:

If I’ve written something that you find really offensive for some reason or if you want to say something nice:

Go ahead, send me a mail.

I’m usually pretty prompt with replies, unless I have a very good reason to ignore your mail– most times it just means I am busy with work.


14 thoughts on “About

  1. Varna,
    if we should somewhere play together with the bodily form of words, that is, voice, our ‘unae voces’ will build a chorus. I think that is precisely the reason for choosing wordpress, almost the only blog base allowing multi-author modality. I fear I’m out of thread. please, read me and wipe this out. I would be delighted to be the ‘Cheshire voice’ in this corner of this nice blog of yours.
    -> efialte.wordpress.com


  2. @Efialte

    Thanks! That is an interesting observation about the title. My knowledge of Latin is woeful, so you’re very possibly right! Gives the blog an interesting dimension! 😀 And indeed, I do love playing around with words…


  3. Hello Varna. I like this stuff, and its peculiar pace. I think i could question the blog’s name. “Una voce” (lat. ablativ) should mean «with a single voice» rather as «With One’s Voice…».
    I hope that in these corpses* you can detect more than a trace of interest.

    *I mean corpses as typographical ‘corpora’, no more typographical bodies but typograpical corpses.



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